Parsons Family Restaurant

Parsons Family Restaurant is open for Breakfast and Lunch 7 days a week. We are locally known, been here for generations, type of place. As a value priced American diner with a “Know Your Neighbor” feeling, Parsons Family Restaurant will quickly become your new favorite place to eat.

Join us daily at 6 am for breakfast. Parsons full menu will satisfy your hunger. Now you can order take out for lunch on the go. If you are staying at Valley West Casino Phoenix, know that you can get a no frills breakfast just minutes East on Northern Avenue.

Corned Beef Hash with Eggs, Potatoes and Rye Toast
Classic diner breakfast, corned beef hash and eggs with rye toast.
Bacon Lettuce Tomato Sandwich on Wheat
B.L.T. on Wheat with Regular Fries.

Room for Family

Parsons Family Restaurant is a Family friendly Restaurant. After all, Family is in the name. If your family is large or small we have a seat for everyone. We have a Kids Menu with French Toast, Grilled Cheese and more. We’re the perfect place for stay at home moms to bring their toddlers for a quick breakfast and chat while the older kids are in school. If you get here you can all sit around our oversized round booth big enough for 5-7 people!

The Best Kind Of Hash

We served time honored hash that is voted to be the best time and time again. There are tons of variations. Some Hash is crazy as to put large chunks of onion and green bell pepper. Sure, custom orders are available if you want peppers and onions in your breakfast Hash. Classic American Diner is Corned BeeF Hash is how it comes on the menu.

There ARE daily specials

At Parsons we have lunch and dinner specials every day of the week. When you come in you’ll see the cutest little dry erase board with the most mouthwatering off-menu items this side of Phoenix. Prices and cuisines for Daily Specials vary so be ready for something special when you get here. We don’t rotate the same dishes. Mystery is what makes our food specials truly special. So expect unexpected deliciousness when you come to Parsons Family Restaurant.
Breakfast plates come with potatoes. Corned beef hash, not so much. But you can add the potatoes for a little extra. Toast is included however. If you want jelly for the toast let us know when you order. That’s if you’re ordering take-out. Hash, Toast, Jelly. Eggs any style are included with the corned beef hash breakfast.

Coffee Starts at 6

At a time when most small restaurants are still in bed the Parsons crew is awake and brewing the freshest coffee in Glendale. Take a cup to go with a breakfast sandwich or take a seat at a booth around our kitchen.

… and other drinks too.

Soft drinks are Coke products. Coffee, Decaf, Tea and Cocoa are hot. Milk to put on or in anything you want. Juices flow Orange, Grapefruit, Apple and Tomato.

Upholding the Classic American Diner

Parsons Family Restaurant is upholding the classic American diner experience. Nowadays most restaurants have cookie cutter themes with a stiff corporate feel … the prices food quality reflect the big corporate attitude. Big chain restaurants, no matter how hard they try mimic, will never be what we, Parsons, are. The point is not just our little restaurant in Glendale but the experience you get when eating at a classic American diner like ours. Across the United States the small diner has provided the quaint atmosphere to get to know your neighbors. Whether in a big city or small town there is no better place to get a better meal than your local, small, classic American diner.

The benefits of restaurants like Parsons are immeasurable. In general you’ll find more nutritional value out of a diner than a chain restaurant. You see, the classic American diner selects food based on quality and profit, not just profit. All American diners want you to be well fed and healthy so you can come back soon. Given these explanations it would seem Parsons Family Restaurant and the classic American diner at large are physically and mentally a healthier choice over the chain restaurants.

Turkey Club Sandwich with Seasoned Fries
No need for ketchup with our seasoned fries.

Food for Everyone

Salads, Scrambled Eggs and the occasional Quesadilla Good food makes it easier to gather with good friends at Parsons.
What are you having?
Other favorites include Chicken Fried Steak, the Western Omelet and our hearty homemade Meat Loaf.

RED Friday

Fridays at Parsons we honor our Military service Men and Women by participating in R.E.D. Friday. R.E.D. stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. Show support and wear red this Friday. Then come and have breakfast with us!

See Parsons Specials

Serving Quality

We strive to provide friendly service at all of our tables and fresh ingredients in all of our dishes. You, your family and your friends are welcome to dine in or take our food home. Either way we hope you enjoy the same delicious flavors. Call ahead for fast pick up and go orders.